Playing With Strengths

By LBF2019 (other events)

Tuesday, November 5 2019 9:15 AM 12:30 PM

This event will get attendees thinking about the world of work, now and tomorrow, and why it’s more important than ever to understand your strengths so you can shape your job and protect your future. Following an initial discussion, we’ll introduce you to a series of activities to help you explore your own strengths and really start to understand what they mean, how they combine in their own unique ways and how you can use them to your advantage. You’ll explore strengths you knew you had and also discover strengths that you might not be aware of.

This practical workshop will get you playing and thinking so that you leave with a better understanding of yourself, your true strengths and how these can be applied in the world of work, now and in the future. It is aimed at anyone who’d like to understand themselves and their strengths better. Whether you’re a graduate looking to find your first job or you’re an executive director seeking to bring more joy to your work, everyone can benefit from understanding what they are truly good at.

The event will begin with an initial story and discussion followed by a series of activities.

Confirmed Speakers:

Cat Hase, Creative Director, Imagine If Ltd

Barry Holmes, Artist, Zoom Creates Ltd

Mailing Address

Leicester Business Festival CIC, Friars Mill, Bath Lane, Leicester, LE3 5BJ