Better Business Through GDPR: Data Protection Impact Assessments

By LBF2019 (other events)

Thursday, October 31 2019 1:30 PM 3:30 PM

Would you like to better utilise stakeholder data to benefit your business, streamline systems and communicate more effectively?  As well as helping attendees to gain a better understanding of GDPR, this event will also explore how business can benefit from an innovative approach to data collection and processing.  

Innovation based on novel use of personal data may encounter problems of buy-in and engagement of the public through fears of privacy issues and data abuse.

However, rather than seeing laws, especially GDPR and DPA 2018, as threats or compliance exercises, they can also have an enabling role, in particular through the process of doing data protecting impact assessments (DPIAs) on data. These involve the public in a consultative process that ensures data processing, which might otherwise have been perceived as “creepy,” comes out well-justified and well-defended against potential abuse and cyber risk.

The event is aimed at businesses and other organisations who would like to process personal data in innovative ways.

Attendees will gain an elementary understanding of data protection law. Specific understanding of the process of DPIA, and how it can enhance development processes with personal data-based risk assessment and mitigation, and stakeholder engagement.

Confirmed Speaker:

Eerke Boiten, Professor of Cyber Security & Director of the Cyber Technology Institute, De Montfort University

Mailing Address

Leicester Business Festival CIC, Friars Mill, Bath Lane, Leicester, LE3 5BJ